Saturday, May 2, 2015

Captain's Seat

We set out yesterday for our road trip about 5:38pm, David in the Captain's seat. He is our rock and protector. He is my heart. Polar opposites, he is my calm.

Kids in their car seats but did you know that RV's and car seats are not the greatest combination with the use of the lap belt? (verified with state law about using or not using). Let's just say it was an interesting RV ride. We were off like a heard of turtles, set for our RV Camping experience for the next couple of days of limited technology, a lot of food, mingling with other foster and adoptive parents, being with other special needs parents and children, games, jump slides, water park, miniature golf and just being a family. We are going to make the best of it!

Stay Tuned...Many Pictures to Capture the Memories of this Trip! GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make it A Great Time

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