Thursday, April 10, 2014

Time has flown by

Back in May of 2011 I originally decided to write this post but did not finish it and ironically I titled it "Time has flown by". Since the beginning of this year I keep telling myself to start blogging again for many reasons but time seems to just get away. Funny how that works. I am good about getting everyone else things done but sometimes my own things or time for me gets put on the back burner until things get really burning (haha). Well since 2011 a lot has changed in our life! These three years have been a roller coaster. A ride that we took as a family and a ride that has definetly made us a stronger and closer family. We have been blessed with wonderful gifts and given the opportunity to give back by continuing to foster, we were given a blessing to adopt one of our foster children. Our family became six in December of 2011, a blessing to cherish forever.

Keeping in full mommy force with teenagers, toddlers and foster babies, life appeared to keep moving then as I have posted in the past about my own ten second life change, interesting enough our eldest son had his own ten second change on life in front of our eyes and several hundred of his friends, team mates and spectators in the fall of 2012. He tore his ACL and MCL from a late hit in a football game. A change that would affect him and our family to this day but the only sad part is that he chose not to move forward in his dreams to play ball. He chose to not continue therapy and listen to extended family and close friends. It comes also on him leaving home on his 18th birthday without warning or notice. Yes, it HURT! Missing the high school senior stuff and other things...but taking the emotion out....Really this is what us as parents groom our children for. To spread their wings and fly, right? All you can do is love them and know you taught them the best and make right decisions.. Remembering there is no parent handbook and everyday we can learn.

I can say since him leaving about one year ago, our family less the one, growing a little bit bigger by 3, we have grown to know what is really important. It is not the four walls we live in, it is not the food on our table, it is not the clothes on our back, it is not the cars we drive or where we go on the weekends. The importance of our family comes within. We have one another and that we spend time together, at family dinner table, prayers said by the kids, sitting on the stairs, playing football in the hallway, laughing about just nothing or sitting on the porch talking for a moment. It is the little things that make it work. Making a trip to the amusement park just because babies and all. Keeping drama free friends or remembering to breath. Time does fly by fast, these past three years where did the time go really and life does change in a moments notice. We have seven children ranging from 19 years to 2 months and not a minute goes by where I am not thinking about something that I have to do but at the same moment I would not change it for anything. I am one BLESSED women, mother, wife and friend! God Bless You ALL!

 Until next time….Make it a Great Day!