Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Struggle Is Real - Missing You!

A few days ago our family celebrated what would have been our mothers 83rd Birthday. Meaning she is an Angel in Heaven now. Everyday, I believe she is with us all, watching, being with us somehow every moment of the day.

Over the last two years since her departure from our real world it has been somewhat of a struggle for me. I miss her tremendously. I have said it over and over. In conversation, in my posts, in my writings. She was my rock, my sounding board, my reasoning when I just needed someone tell me it would be okay when I really knew it was not. Do not get me wrong, I have my husband who I love dearly. We have been through a lot. I can confide in him about anything but honestly it is just not the same.

She is My Mother!

I sit here and think how much she has been missing but is she really missing? How many birthdays, holidays, weddings, new births, special moments, first milestones of the my Little's, moments for all her grandchildren's/great-grandchildren's to the first steps into the real world of something but again is she really missing?

She is Their Grandmother!

Then I wonder about my Father and how he has managed over these last two years. I see him often and speak to him quite frequently. When we speak of her, I see his eyes fill with tears and can hear the toll it has taken. The emotion of missing her and how much he truly misses her. The validation that you truly appreciate of someone only to fully recognize when that someone is no longer with you.

She is His Wife!

For my all sibling's, we still all hold crazy schedules, but I know I have watchers just as my mother wished for. For that I am forever grateful. For the sibling's I am not able to see as often as we are capable, I know that we are all connected in spirit furthermore thankful for social media and technology.

She is Our Mother!

For my crazy big family, I was given great opportunities to learn many times over on being a wife and mother while being blessed with a beautiful women who showed love, compassion, honesty, to believe in your faith, strength, friendship, pride, humor to name a few but best of all she was always there no matter what time of day. It did not matter, even if you would call and she could not talk she would find a moment and then politely state for another time. Basically in a nut shell, she always found the time.

She is My Mother!

Yes, the struggle without her is real. It is not just because her birthday has passed along with the many reminders thanks to social media or the fact that I speak of her daily to the kiddos as the hummingbird at our sliding glass door. I do miss her, I do catch myself picking up the phone to call her to tell her something exciting that has just happened or wanting to call her to ask her for help, needing an opinion for our current situation or just wanting to let her know that yet again her family has grown. She is truly missed. Until we meet again.


No Matter your Age, You Always Need Your Mom - Author Unknown

I Love You Always and Forever Mom! GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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