Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rounding Out Our Family Adventure Trip - What A Whirlwind of a Blast!!!

Yes, I am late on posting the last of the my journals for the last of our Family Adventure Trip. Things have been busy and trying to get everyone everywhere and make sure we get everything we can do in the last bit of time we have. I am one tired person. Not really feeling so great but keeping it all together. Smile I always say, remember to take one minute at a time.

I am also not going to say it was easy travels. Especially travelling with children who are on the spectrum or have special needs or with me who does not always feel the best. We have had some issues here and there, but I will say one thing I do not let any of it define who we are, any of us. I did not let my CRPS/RSD define me and I will not let any disability or need define my children. I want them to experience things just like anyone else. It may not be easy at times, it may take extra work, things may need some redirection or thinking outside the box but that is life because in a nutshell, what is normal to anyone’s definition?

So I am finishing in one fell swoop. As we woke up on Day Five, we were blessed with the gorgeous sun shinning. No Rain! So excited that I tried to extend our trip on the Island but there was some issues with the airline so we ended up keeping our existing reservations. Funny that it worked out in the end because the next day the sky was not so sunny and beautiful, it was back to the rain and overcast skies. Goes to show you my theory things happen for a reason.

However with the hot gorgeous sun shining in full glory, the big kids took to the beach and spent some time on their own while my husband and I took the Little's to the sand beach pool for the day. Some down time for everyone especially when were going to our rescheduled Luau for the evening. Getting everyone out the door at a specific time and making sure all are dressed for the occasion is not such an easy task. But we did it and made it to the Luau.

I Love my family. My Crazy Big Family! - Though the family got the nickname of "The Tribe" while we were on the Island - Rather fitting for our Stay!

We are a big little group (tribe) and it is no easy task going anywhere but we do it together. Attending the luau was a great experience, my little girls danced and watched as the music and dancers performed. The boys watch with big eyes as the fire dance was done like it was second nature. I would recommend the experience to anyone, if you have not been to a Luau. If you have an opportunity to attend, make sure you make the experience. The Show, The Food, The Teachings and The Overall Welcoming of the People we encountered! You will not regret it!

Nobody wants a vacation to come to an end but sometimes I think you need a vacation from the vacation. I am not looking forward to putting away the several bags of luggage but it is what it is...I am sure a couple of days of waiting will not hurt anyone. Right? Waiting too long and the clothes might not ever get put away….maybe if I sprinkle pixie dust I might get lucky...Kidding! Nevertheless, making the most of our last day, packing and shopping, we took time to have breakfast as family at the resorts Bistro Restaurant with the company of a new acquaintance "Rip". Like I said previously, we were blessed with meeting some amazing people!
Aloha and Mahalo

As we come up on the end of our family adventure trip, watching from the sky on our way back to our Home, I am thankful beyond belief for the time that I was given with my big crazy family (tribe), that we were granted and blessed with safe travels and all the memories we made together. I look forward to many more get-a-ways, whether short or long, anytime together is worth it. As I always say, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised and all we have is right now. So make every minute count by loving, laughing, crying, smiling and never stop being a family! GOD BLESS

“Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.” - Unknown

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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A Day into Our Family Adventure though Almost Missed a Majestic Scene

With day four of our of family adventure to an end and our day starting out late, I can definitely say we saw spectacular views of the Big Island. Though we were going back and forth on staying around the resort due to time, needless to say, we took the chance. We all decided to make the two hour drive to the other side of the island. So very happy that we made the decision to do so.

Driving to our designation, seeing the pristine beauty of the environment, just absolutely breathtaking. Though the weather was not sunny, something about the rain, animals along the roadside and fog had its own way of pure essence then there was the Little's asking many times over when are we going to get there. Classic road trip. During the drive I found as we passed two cemeteries along the way, there was a sense of nostalgia of holiness in the air as you passed the land. The little hairs on the back on my neck and arms stood up. Blessings to those who are buried at those cemeteries; may you rest in peace.

Finally,  as we approached the Hawaii Volcano National Park, the rain decided to downpour, my husband and I both said should we even go in as we are going to get drench. Was it worth paying to see if we were not going to get out of the cars? There was just that little something inside the pit of my stomach that said you have come this far, do not turn back now. Knowing there was a visitor center and the museum, we chanced it. Boy I am so glad we did.

Visitor Center not so much to see but driving back in to the park to the look-out point and the parks museum; there is no words to describe. The rain stopped for all of us to get out and see the active volcano. Honestly I do not think if the sun was shining would we have been able to see the full effects. Active lava, steam all around and hearing the rumbles as we all looked in awe. Like I said no words to really explain.

Upon us leaving to return back to the resort, we all listened to the Little’s converse on how the “laga” their word for hot lava was going to explode and flow on all of us and our cars. So awesome to hear what comes out of the mouths of Little's...their conversation and the “laga” was the center of attention for most of the night. To see the wonder in their eyes and on their faces, makes this trip more priceless. We have made many memories but when they speak among themselves (big and little) about the experiences that they have encountered makes it worth it thousand times over. For that I am one Happy, Blessed, Grateful, Humbled Mother and Wife! GOD BLESS

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” ― Walt Streightiff

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

And The Family Adventure Continues...Zipline

Waking up today, day three of our family adventure, the weather was warm though raining. The atmosphere was calm. Surprising, right? I have to admit, the time change has played a part which I did not think it would. It is backwards here, two hours. Now I am feeling like I am starting to play catch up everywhere, well really everyone is. I bet, when we when fully adjust to the time change here it will be time to return home to our normal time zone. Funny how that works.

Anyhow, yes we are about half way through the trip and today is also my hubby's birthday it was to be a busy day of adventures. I did a bit of overbooking with a zipline adventure and a luau but it all seem to work out as the luau was rescheduled for Sunday. Weather issues!

As I am not able to zipline, I stayed back to watch with the baby and our two year old; everyone else was set to go on the zipline at Umauma Falls. Wow, what an experience! Even for me who was not zip lining. My family, the seven who were signed up for ziplining including the little's, received an amazing experience of nine ziplines. I was able to watch as I was graced by being driven around from the Operations Manager from Umauma Falls...we definitely got the VIP treatment today! I would have never been able to walk the falls or the grounds for the matter. So today was so much better than I could have ever expected. We met some amazing people, seen some spectacular views of God's creations and learned so much about the island!

A Huge THANKS and Shout Out to the Umaume Falls Guides who took care of my big and little's on the ziplines and the staff who were all completely welcoming and wonderful. 

Here is the beauty in the ziplines and fun that I was able to see first hand...there are some crazy lines. With my VIP tour, (lol), I was able to watch everyone zip but then I watched one of little's go from guide to no guide that boy is fearless. To my big kids, you all did awesome, upside, sideways, every way down the line but smiles never ending! By the way thank you for getting the spider out of my hair. That would have been a not so fun experience later.

After all said and done, on our way back to the resort, we stopped off at a local pizza place Underground Pizza. Have to say, Great Pizza. People coming and going, phone never stopped ringing and just two gentlemen holding down the fort. Our family took up the entire corner of the restaurant. While sitting there, we spoke with a local family briefly sitting next to us. What I found really awesome was the owners knew everyone's first names and some orders by memory to boot, now that is customer service. Great way to end our exciting day of ziplining! Good Night and God Bless.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Family Trip Adventure...It is Finally Here!

I am taking a well deserved minute to sit here an enjoy a view that is beyond beautiful. Sitting here, I thought I would take this minute and share. While enjoying the view and the serene beauty of this island; in the distance of our suite, I hear the pitter-patter of little feet, water crashing from the resort's pool water fall and the wind rustling in the palm frawn's. This share is coming from our family trip adventure. This big field trip adventure, our vacation, is finally here and it feels surreal.

One that I am completely humbled by. I am grateful that my husband actually took the time off from work, I am grateful, we have the way and means to plan and save (quit awhile) to take this adventure and last but not least I am
trying to figure out how to enjoy and savor every minute of the time especially having ten of us all together.

Thus, meaning not everyone is on the same schedule, not everyone is wanting to do the same thing, not everyone is wanting eat or some want to eat all day, some want to go to this excursion while some want to just hang out on beach or better yet trying to get some out of bed is a task!

Nevertheless, my husband and I have all of our children (except our eldest) along with our nephew together and for that this family trip adventure is truly priceless.

So here is a breakdown of Our Family Trip Adventure...about nine months ago the planning started. Before I knew it the thirty day count down was on, then the thoughts of the unknown started, especially listening and reading to all the horror stories of travelling with little's but here we are, WE MADE IT without little incident!!!

Bringing me back to how I used plan trips before my crazy big family as well my accident, yes it took planning but this family trip took work. Boy, I am tired, my CRPS/RSD is not happy and I can honestly can say all the steps to get here has taken a toll on me. However, I cannot change my disability, my pain is not magically disappearing, I cannot change my situation but what I can say is that I make sacrifices for my family; making this family trip adventure no stone left un-turned. I had no sleep for forty eight hours leading up to getting on the plane, my knee in it full color of purple with hues of red and burning like I cannot explain.

Then to think we almost missed our flights because I read the flight information wrong, thank goodness check in was a day before otherwise who knows what would have happened. Regardless, we were off to the airport really early. I have to say after all a day of flying THE KIDS WERE AWESOME, no horror air flight stories here... it was really nice to finally arrive to our tropical destination.

Plus, I do have to say, everyone we encountered has been super nice. An extra shout out to our rental car associate, she was super awesome. She handwrote us a map with all the cool local spots. Leaving the rental car place with many great spots to Visit, Eat and Big Hug, 
Day One, Success....Mahalo! 

With Day two coming to end, I share this these memories as wonderful as they are. Encounters of laughter, along with new experiences that have brought smiles to all of our faces. With many things planned in a short period of time, some things may or may not get done, whatever the outcome, memories and special moments are being made. I am soaking it all in even going out of my comfort of zone of the beach (if you do not know, sand is not my friend) but today our experience the black sand beach was a fascinating. We found rocks and shells you just do not find in California and to see all the different Lava Rock formations, just so Cool!

Now off to dinner, one thing, the food experience is unbelievable. Sometimes I think when there is too many choices makes the the choosing more difficult but not complaining here. By the way, our resort has wildlife friends, free roaming cats and goats, the kids, love them it, they are trying to name all of them, well see how that works.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow's adventures of Day Three...Good Night and God Bless

“Life's short. Eat dessert first, work less and vacation MORE!!”  Lea Mishell

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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