Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rounding Out Our Family Adventure Trip - What A Whirlwind of a Blast!!!

Yes, I am late on posting the last of the my journals for the last of our Family Adventure Trip. Things have been busy and trying to get everyone everywhere and make sure we get everything we can do in the last bit of time we have. I am one tired person. Not really feeling so great but keeping it all together. Smile I always say, remember to take one minute at a time.

I am also not going to say it was easy travels. Especially travelling with children who are on the spectrum or have special needs or with me who does not always feel the best. We have had some issues here and there, but I will say one thing I do not let any of it define who we are, any of us. I did not let my CRPS/RSD define me and I will not let any disability or need define my children. I want them to experience things just like anyone else. It may not be easy at times, it may take extra work, things may need some redirection or thinking outside the box but that is life because in a nutshell, what is normal to anyone’s definition?

So I am finishing in one fell swoop. As we woke up on Day Five, we were blessed with the gorgeous sun shinning. No Rain! So excited that I tried to extend our trip on the Island but there was some issues with the airline so we ended up keeping our existing reservations. Funny that it worked out in the end because the next day the sky was not so sunny and beautiful, it was back to the rain and overcast skies. Goes to show you my theory things happen for a reason.

However with the hot gorgeous sun shining in full glory, the big kids took to the beach and spent some time on their own while my husband and I took the Little's to the sand beach pool for the day. Some down time for everyone especially when were going to our rescheduled Luau for the evening. Getting everyone out the door at a specific time and making sure all are dressed for the occasion is not such an easy task. But we did it and made it to the Luau.

I Love my family. My Crazy Big Family! - Though the family got the nickname of "The Tribe" while we were on the Island - Rather fitting for our Stay!

We are a big little group (tribe) and it is no easy task going anywhere but we do it together. Attending the luau was a great experience, my little girls danced and watched as the music and dancers performed. The boys watch with big eyes as the fire dance was done like it was second nature. I would recommend the experience to anyone, if you have not been to a Luau. If you have an opportunity to attend, make sure you make the experience. The Show, The Food, The Teachings and The Overall Welcoming of the People we encountered! You will not regret it!

Nobody wants a vacation to come to an end but sometimes I think you need a vacation from the vacation. I am not looking forward to putting away the several bags of luggage but it is what it is...I am sure a couple of days of waiting will not hurt anyone. Right? Waiting too long and the clothes might not ever get put away….maybe if I sprinkle pixie dust I might get lucky...Kidding! Nevertheless, making the most of our last day, packing and shopping, we took time to have breakfast as family at the resorts Bistro Restaurant with the company of a new acquaintance "Rip". Like I said previously, we were blessed with meeting some amazing people!
Aloha and Mahalo

As we come up on the end of our family adventure trip, watching from the sky on our way back to our Home, I am thankful beyond belief for the time that I was given with my big crazy family (tribe), that we were granted and blessed with safe travels and all the memories we made together. I look forward to many more get-a-ways, whether short or long, anytime together is worth it. As I always say, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised and all we have is right now. So make every minute count by loving, laughing, crying, smiling and never stop being a family! GOD BLESS

“Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.” - Unknown

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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