Friday, May 15, 2015

Less than Five Minutes

Just playing, Mom

It's Friday, it's raining in my neck of the woods and my little's have "cabin fever". Okay, well not sure if it is cabin fever but they have something going on this morning. Only one therapist here plus a trainee this morning; somewhat of a light day. However, the evidence shows in my girl’s room as they have managed to destroy. In less than five minutes they took most everything out of the drawers to play, I think! 

You see, we were trying to play dress up, babies and Barbies. I left the room to use the restroom and get another Pepsi (this would be my second for the day). Then it happened....all four in their glory. Must be all the energy they have stored sleeping in this morning until 7:36am. Yes, I wrote sleeping in.

Does this mean, they were just that tired, are they growing, no naps today or they were just sleeping in? 

I use to say to my husband, I cannot wait until our baby can crawl, I cannot wait until our baby can talk then I cannot wait for our baby to walk. As each of those things happened, as happy as I was, I rethought about the timeline and not really wanting it to happen as fast as it did. Meaning once those milestones are hit, there is no turning back. No turning back! David and I still talk about those milestones especially with the little's and seeing how hard they work. Great accomplishments for them all but sometimes if I could rewind the clock, for just a minute.

If you are reading this and have children that already have great sleeping patterns...I am my awe. I believe there are days when we wish our kids would not wake up so early. I know every child is different but I do wonder why one sleeps different, shorter and/or longer than another. I do realize our children have their own way of doing things when it comes to their inner clock. Whether it is on the weekend or on a weekday our children are on their own schedule; then one day their schedule has a break. The break means sleeping longer than normal. For me, there is a bit of panic; slight panic. 

Today was that moment, after checking the first time, I could have taken the time to cherish, for however long uninterrupted, by relaxing, watching TV, writing down ideas, seize the opportunity to sleep but no I chose differently. I chose to clean the kitchen but kept checking on them. Looking for signs that they were breathing, moving, anything to make sure that they were truly just sleeping longer than their normal. 

Our little's tend to keep the same routine but then there are slight changes here and there. So I ask, how many parents out there do the same thing? Do you rejoice from the heavens or are you me, checking and checking?

In my sense of making sure all was good, I was being their Mother. Also a bit of my OCD came out but in a nut shell it changed my routine too. For every day for our home front to exist, we go by our schedules, color codes, routines and we do live in the moment as things just do not goes as planned (sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes not). All in all our daily routine is our sense of organization and stability and truthfully with this morning's change, I was just a little off. "A true understatement of parenting is saying there is an importance of a children's routine. Routine establishes so many aspects of healthy living, good habits and good behavior that even the slightest structure is necessary in day-to-day life." - David Worford 

No matter how good I think I have my calendar or my day planned, today I was again reminded that changes are necessary. Remembering to truly to love, smile, laugh, and cherish all and just take minute by minute. No fret, cleaning will take place so tomorrow more than likely it will happen again. We have a big family with little's cannot ask for anything different. Love them to pieces! GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make it A Great Day!

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