Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Smiliarities through Different Circumstances are Right in Front of Us

Twenty one years ago today, I sat in a dental chair and had the worst experience that one could image. It started with a molar that was bothering me. So, like normal, I made an appointment with the dentist whom I had used several times before. This appointment started out well but as I received the shot to numb the area, the numbing process just was not doing its thing. A couple of injection later still nothing. The dentist ensured me; all would be okay. With full assurance from the dentist, the drill started. In the beginning all okay then I felt it; a sharp, tingly feeling of pain. First thought, it was all in my head. Nope! I began to wince with every touch of the drill to my tooth. The more I winced and scowled, the angrier I became. Why was the dentist not noticing? Then finally he spoke, he stated there was no possible way I should feel anything. Really, was he a part of my mouth! Did he feel the pain? I felt everything. So much I punched the drill right out of the dentist's hand causing a cut to his arm. Well that lovely experience with the dentist was my turning point. I was ruined. My trust for the dentist and any part of dental field was broken.

The story of my tooth; yes, I had an issue with my tooth. A toothache which became more agitated due to the numbing shots and the drill. Ultimately causing an abscess. Within twenty four hours, my left side of my face was swollen with some black and blue tones. The real kicker, my birthday was coming up and we had plans to travel to Las Vegas. Also, pregnant with our first born, unable to take pain medication plus sporting this new look made it an interesting trip. Interesting but not surprised how bold people become after a few drinks. One gentlemen out right asked how many times I was beat by my husband for not listening. Did I mention, David was sitting right next to me? Another time, I was given information on women shelters. We were not sure if it was the setting of Las Vegas or just the perception of Las Vegas but the world is sure funny and the versions people come up with.

Now fast forward to my recent appointment, sitting in the dental chair having work done by a dentist who has not steered me wrong, knows my anxiety level, my fear of what I am not able to control. A dentist who works on my entire family, takes his time and for me takes every precaution especially knowing my disability and what it does to my system. Things just do not go as smooth when your body has been through many things or as I say the coo-coo clock is not chirping right. The projection of My FEAR, my HINDERANCE is now passed on to this dentist. A dentist who does a great job but has taken the burden of someone else's mistake. His patience and respect for me and my family, I am beyond grateful and thankful.

It reminds me to look through the looking glass of life. Our family has been doing this daily. We choose to care for another person due to a mistake of their parents or caregiver. We give back through the foster care system, a child who comes into our home with what we believe as their UNKNOWN, their FEARS, their ANXIETY but what makes it all worth it is knowing that we have the power to love, support, listen, provide safety, and stability for whatever time period is needed. Just as my dentist knows his patience, efforts and time to get me through my FEAR; means the world to me. It goes to show there are many circumstances in this world which are the same but not the same; we just have to look a little harder to see the similarities and be thankful for who and what are put into our lives. As I always say, there is a reason for everything, we may not know why at the time but in time the reason will be revealed. GOD BLESS

We go on and on about our differences. But, you know, our differences are less important than our similarities. People have a lot in common with one another, whether they see that or not. - William Hall
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