Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Honoring National Adoption Month

With November being National Adoption Month it brings up a whole slew of memories, memories of all the little's who we have had the opportunity to love, watch, keep safe, then to be a part of their reunification or adoption.

I say adoption is not for the faint of heart as the process is not always the easiest. The emotional roller coaster or the process of the court system through foster care either wanting you to keep your guard up many of the times but keeping your heart open always. When we first started to foster several years ago, it was suggested that we be an adoptive home, we kindly replied "no". We did not think that adoption was our calling; little did we know then. We knew for a fact, that we wanted to help and give back to children by way of fostering and at that time we were not sure if we had any intention to adopt. Surely, if we were to adopt, would it be our first child placed or the one hundredth child placed.

Now, fast forward to the present, our family since the day we started fostering has grown from a family of five to a family of nine. It is interesting how life turns and your path keeps changing. The path GOD has placed for you. We have fostered several babies, toddlers and young children over the years, experienced many things and have been greatly fortunate in our life. Have had many ups and downs. Generally experienced life while having gifts through the foster care system. Fostering is such an abundant and joyful experience when you are able to be involved with the process to watch a child be reunified with their parents, grandparents and relatives or placed with adoptive parents. Do not get me wrong it is also a bittersweet process too. Plus being part of the process to see a mother and father lose their child under any circumstance is very overwhelming. Then becomes all too real when you are the adoptive parents. Bittersweet is such an understatement!

We as adoptive parents have closed adoptions, though we choose to maintain contact with our children's families. In my heart it is the right decision and the most important for our children. We now have a huge extended family. GOD could have placed any child with us, but he chose to place the children we have. I have learned so much, been humbled in many ways, been down many roads, I continue to deal with my own disability daily and it works (not and I am reminded many times there is still so much more.

I wake up each day and know that I have experience child birth, blessed beyond belief as some are not so fortunate then I think I am more blessed as we have been given blessings of the heart many times over. As I continue to walk my path along with my husband and children, I (we) will continue to foster or adopt if called upon but it will be as our family unit! GOD BLESS

"The love of a foster mother for her charge appears absolutely irrational.” - Winston S. Churchill

“Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them.” - Leigh Anne Tuohy”  

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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