Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keeping An Open Ear

At first I went to write about a different subject then upon opening my page another post popped up regarding National Suicide Prevention Week reflecting a kind gesture of thanks to the person who posted. As today being World Suicide Prevention Day, the post struck a chord as over the course of the last couple of months, I have been dealing with someone who has been in such a tornado of emotions that the word suicide has been brought up. Before anyone can say it or think it, yes, a long list of resources for the person has been addressed. I will write nothing more on the person’s situation but I will on my own feelings.

Being on the receiving end of someone who has entrusted their feelings of many or whatever it is at the time, is very overwhelming. I felt sadness, a bit of being scared, anger and at a place of what am I do to. I found myself checking in to make sure all was okay many times. To top it off, a very heavy load to carry.  With that being said, I am also a mandated reporter, though it would not have mattered, I did what I was supposed to do, I reported the information. Plus it is not just about reporting the information, you are finished, and you wash your hands of it. It is about still being there, listening, really listening, providing resources when necessary and letting the person know there is someone just there for that moment in time when needed.

I became that person for that someone. I was now advocating for someone in unknown territory. This was out of my day-to-day routine but GOD entrusted this in my life path and I was going to be there no matter what. I understand truly that you can only do so much for someone. As they say, leading the horse to water but cannot make the horse drink but when you can truly support someone genuinely with their good or bad; things tend to be different. I do not mean doing, giving or helping their bad habits. I mean sometimes it just lending an ear, a text message exchange, a late night email chat; a basic support that they are not alone in our world of everything and nothing. Just a reminder time and time again that somewhere out there, the WATER EXISTS! 

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” Alexander Graham Bell


Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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