Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Routine, Change, Structure, Routine

With the first couple of weeks of the new school year being over, my seemingly busy life is slowly getting back into the "normal" routine, With that said, I find myself feeling unsettled. Yes, summer break is over but the summer season is not. As it is said, time to get back to the "normal" routine before the summer chaos happened of no structure. Really, what is that, a "normal" routine for anyone?
Most find their daily routine of getting kids ready, school, stopping off at the local coffee house, driving to work then home to make dinner then find a period of time for some relaxation, if they are lucky. Then the next day the routine starts all over again. However, for the stay at home mother with children add in special needs, our day is getting the kids ready, fed, playing referee, off to school, checking in the in-home therapist, checking the schedule, making lunch, making appointments, checking the calendar, doctor appointments, drinking many Pepsi's (for me), playtime, school afternoon pick up, afternoon sports, husband home and playtime with the little's, more in home services, making dinner, playtime, more referee time,  reading, , conversation with my husband diaper changes, bedtime when is the question....I can name more but I think you get the gist. By all means I am not saying a stay at home mother does more than a working mother just a different routine. I do not think anyone can compared the two; it would not be fair to anyone. My issue is right now, this moment in time, I am finding that my routine is not settled, not jiving; it feels off. Why? I am organized, very organized! I color coordinated my calendar, I color coordinate my closest, my little's therapy schedules are down to a science, I organize way too much but why won't this feeling of uneasiness go way. What am I missing?

What am I missing? Recently, I received a very long text message from one of my sisters. She brought up how her recent travels abroad, staying in a place was a reminder of our mother. Reminders down to the colors of what my mother would have in her bathroom, but the she spoke of how our time together in my mother's last days were a gift, gift we should cherish and love. I took those words to heart even when her text stated our family is not the "Norman Rockwell" picture.

I read that text over and over. She was so right. My own extended family, my family I married into is definitely not the "Norman Rockwell" picture and that is where my uneasy feeling sits. We get into a routine, the routine of life but some families are the "Norman Rockwell" picture. They see one another all the time, make time for Sunday dinners, once a week Sushi night outs, family movie or bowling nights but my huge family that I was so blessed to be in just is not that family. Do not get me wrong, we see one another, birthdays, holidays, occasional BBQ's but most of the time our busy schedules get in the way. Have to say thank you to social media for keeping me updated on most of the family that I keep in contact with.
So, why can' t my immediate family of seven be the "Norman Rockwell" picture. My husband and I have been blessed so graciously. I have written previously, I do not know what GOD has planned for the future but I know when I received my sisters text it validate that my calling to foster. We have fostered and adopted not only to help precious gifts that have been blessed to our family but to be our family. We are given the opportunity to be blessed with a gift of a baby or a child through fostering thus providing a safe place to call home. Whether that is for an hour, a day or a year, ultimately an impact that instills, Home is Where Family Is! So it may not be the perfect "Norman Rockwell" picture but it is our little "Norman Rockwell" Family!

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

Until Next Time...Make it A Great Day!

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