Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wh're Are You?

Another early day here on the home front, waking up at 4:00am to the sound of David's alarm only to remember that I fell asleep only a few hours earlier in the chair with the baby. Not wanting to wake her and hoping for just a little more sleep before the real fun starts (really wishful thinking) but what only to sit there, watch TV and of course the sky is full of grey. Sure as each day happen the 6:00am hour comes quickly and one by one each little starts to wake, I hear them saying Daddy bye-bye, Mommy wh're are you? Mommy wh're are you? Mom, I am hungry? I call bugs, here beautiful, in a minute will go downstairs for is amazing how repetitious they are everyday. Looking first in my bed and so worried that I am not there. Makes my heart melt. They all find me...immediately attacked with cuddles and hugs, just like that their reassured I am here. Priceless! Somehow four children can figure out a way to hang on and wrap themselves around a part of me. Their loving way. Blessed in these priceless moments, not wanting to let go of a finger, a foot or cuddling any of them but I know 9:00am will come quick as the first of four therapists will arrive for the little's. Time to start the day! 

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