Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Journey of Wedding Bliss

Today is a very special day as today would have been my parents forty-eighth wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! However, today is a day that has been on my mind for a while. Truly, it is not just remembering my parents anniversary or start over a year and half ago when my first born son proposed to his high school sweetheart. This day has always sat in the back of my mind on the shelf of my thinking who would take my place and love my son as much as I. Today, he is getting married to his love, his high school sweetheart, the young woman who has loved him through thick and thin and who continues to walk with him through the good and bad.

I may not have not gotten to see their relationship blossom with the estrangement that we have had but we are taking the steps to figure that out on moving ahead one day at a time; right now, I am good with that. Knowing my son, he does not do anything without going all in. So today, our family whether we have been estranged a time or not, we are gaining a daughter, a sister and more importantly an extended family. As one thing I know my son it not just marrying his love and vice versa he is marrying all of her and that includes family.

I do not know if it was different an era ago but my Mother called my Father's mother, Mom but I was not afforded that with my mother-in-law and neither were my sister-in-law's with my husband's Mother. I did some research before writing this post and it appears it is not that common as it was. Is the word Mother/Mom/ Mama so sacred? Though I do not have any expectations of any of my children's spouses or significant others calling me, Mom, Mama or Mother, I do want them to feel like home in our house just as our children do. To know they have a place to come if need be.

I will be always be there no matter what, if needed, standing on the sidelines watching their relationship grow. Listening to my son in time of need, moving in the direction to repair our relationship together and as a family. Nevertheless, my son's new wife is taking a special place today, though he will always be our first born, she is the "new Mrs.'s", carrying our name. It is her turn to love him like no other, to pray and walk the path that God has set forth, to cry and laugh, to listen and communicate and to protect him, watch over him and tell him all will be okay. My part as a Mother and Mother-in-Law is to love them both unconditionally and be there always. To support their relationship and to pray for success. To watch their journey of life together unfold. To be a babysitter and spoil the little ones they bring into the world when the time comes (hopefully not for a few years - enjoy your newlywed stage for a while. Truly I can say I am scared of losing my son but honestly he was raised to open his wings and fly. He is doing just that with her right by his side. I know in my heart Life will still be a roller coaster ride, with the ups and downs but all will continue to work with love, tears, smiles, communication, the act of listening and the support of family, All family. Today I am forever grateful to be a Mother and now a Mother-in-Law!

Congratulations, to my son and his love - Chase and Kylie

With Much Love ... GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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