Saturday, January 23, 2016

Writing With The Little's

Lately, I have been at a loss for words, not really knowing what to write but having so much to say. The wheels in my mind are turning faster than I can process and I cannot make much sense when it comes to putting it into words. So many topics I can write about, many different directions I can go but where to start, what to say, how to say it, has been an issue over the past weeks.

Those questions listed have been the reasons I have been quiet, not posting; wanted to give quality posts not a post for just because reasons. There are topics that I just want to scream from the top of my lungs as there seems to be this lingering in the pit of my stomach of something that is just not right, there are topics that are just a bit of fun and then there are topics I just wanted to say with grace and have someone say I have been there too.

I sit here with my hands on my face, typing every couple of minutes, looking at my computer then getting up from there thinking I will come back and it will come to me. Thinking I have this great notation of a post to write about. Will I get what I truly want to say out? I truly know what I want to say but where are the words, why are they not flowing from my head to my fingertips? Surely it will come eventually, right?

With this all said and written, I find it funny and interesting my little's, all four, never mind you, have been sitting, jumping, crying at times, while laughing, playing, climbing, asking for this and that, playing with anything and everything that is in reach of me, the desk and the computer, so basically overtaking my desk and me for that matter. I am so reminded with much LOVE that this is my life, our life.

In this time of writing, I can say we, together, have fixed many typographical errors made by little hands, we have played tic-tac-toe, we have drawn on scrap paper, doodled a lot and I have read my thoughts out loud; secretly thinking I would get feedback all the while I have played referee amongst everyone who wanted to sit on my lap all at the same time but most importantly somehow we worked together.

The point of my post today is as much as I have a set schedule, a topic I may have really wanted to post, appointments that are set for this or that; things may not always work the way the plan I started but in the end all turned out OKAY! I do have to remind myself this especially when I feel my own level of anxiety kick in, even with being OCD, control is not always an option. Little's or for the matter, children, teenagers, young adults and adults have their own way and at times we are not always on the same path and it too is OKAY!

I cannot count how many times during today's adventure of writing with my little's, I said "let's use our smeller" meaning stop and take a breath! It truly does works, so after all said and done, take a moment, enjoy your family whether big or small, enjoy your day, smile, have a tea party, have a car race, blow some bubbles, take in some fresh air, laugh, enjoy a good book, movie or just some downtime for yourself. Make every minute count, no matter what and have No Regrets!


“Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen Hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Continue to learn.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.”  

- Mary Anne Radmacher

Until Next Time...Make it a Great Day!

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