Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Back Season Top it off with the Full Moon

As each day passing the night falls earlier and earlier and the morning seems to be darker than lighter, we are being reminded that our clocks are falling back this Sunday morning, November 1, 2015 at 2:00am. The true sign that Fall and Winter will be fast approaching. However, for most, it is a normal day and we move on. Then there is another vast group that sees another side of the fall back process; children with special needs that do not deal well with routine changes and/or transitions of change. In a nut shell, Be Prepared!

Time change is a major situation in someone who looks to the time, daylight or night for guidance. The change may also take a toll on one's body, sleep schedule and/or exercise times. Understanding change is inevitable for everyone; the best way to deal with this never-ending issue is to be prepared with our children. Our best friend in this time of chaos, is to make the transition better for our child or children. Again, Be Prepared!

With the colors of the leaves changing, we are reminded the cooler weather is coming, along with the winds and rain during this time of year. A Seasonal CHANGE! Is it possible to refer seasons to an Internal CHANGE? Anyone who has had surgery, may comment to this, myself included, feels different when the weather changes. I also see differences with my children when the weather changes. Is it because the pressure in the air, the humidity, moisture, I do not know. I always say our bodies are like the German Coo Coo Clock striking at 12:00, if there is something that is off, it does not strike proper. Having my analogy, it could be just me, but as the weather is too hot, too cold, too wet, too humid, some people feel the difference and the effects. It does not matter where you live. What state or part of the world, the weather is changing. Again, Be Prepared!

Then the belief that a Full Moon's contributes in one's behaviors and how we feel. I am a believer. Some might think I am full of it! It is okay to think that and if you agree with me, Great! Interesting enough, earlier this week, I came across a post in a group that I am a part of and it read something like this "is there something in the air... my kids have been on fire the last couple of days". With many comments posted, the majority read... "full moon". Whether it is a fact or just the psychological make of what someone wants to believe; it is ones perception and that is someone's reality! Again, Be Prepared!

On that note - Be Prepared by doing some of the following:
  • Breathe
  • Smile as often as you can (they are contagious)
  • Communicate
    • Explain the time change difference and the expectations before, during and after the transition
      • Non-verbal children create extra flip picture cards for explanations
  • Post a schedule reflecting new routines. For example, dinnertime, sleep schedule, playtime, etc.
    • Schedules can be moved in small increments help with the time adjustment until a full hour has been achieved, if needed
  • Keep busy; exercise and play. Both always works wonders - whether this help when it comes sleep time or it can help by keeping all occupied
  • Try to maintain your specifics routine but if something goes array breathe, smile and go minute by minute - nothing good comes when all is in chaos
Remember life is busy, has craziness in itself, things change constantly. At times, when we think, we have the schedule to a tee, a monkey wrench gets thrown in. It does not matter, if you have one special needs child or five or not even a special needs child, LIFE IS LIFE! We are all trying to do what is best for our children on all levels.

We cannot get back yesterday, we only have right now and we do not know what tomorrow or the next minute may bring. All we can do is take in this moment, cherish it, love, laugh, play in it and be blessed in our own world and those who also share in it. GOD BLESS

"My children taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.” - Yvonne Pierre 

Until Next Time...Make it a Great Day!

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