Monday, January 12, 2015

Moving Forward - Original Post on November 19, 2014

Rewind, ten years ago, November 19, 2004, at 2:32pm, my journey began. At first I was so angry and said why me? Plus not wanting to deal with the aftermath that my family living was in. Now I looked back and realize that it is process and today I would not have it any other way. Yes, ten seconds can change your life drastically but it is how you conquer what has been given to you is what makes you stronger. After all the times I have said it, relived it with surgeries upon surgeries or just the daily basis of CRPS/RSD; I know this was my corn field to maze through and get out to live, be happy and continue moving forward. Believing GODS plan put me and my family on a path that ten years ago I would have never thought about. His path has humbled me in many ways. Learning each day as a wife, mother, friend and foster parent; I know that GODS plan for myself and my family is more than I could ever have imaged.

Our life experiences somewhat define us, learning that patience is not always easy but can be very rewarding, to really listen is much harder than stated. A home is not the four walls that you live within and there are some battles that are just not worth the effort. Most importantly that my family is BLESSED. I say this with caution as blessings come in many ways. Our adversities we experienced, we made it through together as family; our accomplishments, we celebrated together as a family. A FAMILY!

As you are born into the world, you are born into a family but know that your family may change like a season. Family as defined is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. What is family when the children leave the nest and spread their wings? Or family gatherings, holiday or birthdays, what really is a family bond? "You do not choose your family. They are GOD'S gift to you , as you are to them". Desmond Tutu. Interesting enough, both my husband and I come from large families. My husband the eldest having four younger brothers and one sister. Myself, I am the opposite, I am the baby having four older brothers and three older sisters. But where we are today, is an array of family chaos. Remembering odd numbers are not always the best as someone is always left out and then being the baby, the never ending stories of how much the baby did not have to do. With that said, my family is truly my husband, my children and my parents. Interesting enough I do not see my brothers and sisters as we should, a holiday there, a birthday celebration here but really our contact is minimal. Even more so for my husband. Funny even with technology in today's world you would think there would be more contact, social media, texting or email but really not so much.

Cherish who you have in your life, your family and friends. GOD has placed them there for reasons and removed others for different reasons. We are unable to turn back the clock so any decision made will be with you always. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow or for that matter the next minute. Live each day like tomorrow may not come, remember the "I love you's", be positive, keep your faith close, laugh, sing a little, be goofy and always smile. Smiles are contagious, just one smile may turn a bad day into a good day for someone. Life is a gift and time is precious, never take either one for granted. GOD BLESS!

 Until next time......Make it a Great Day!

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