Monday, May 11, 2015

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Many times we say "Stop and Smell the Flowers". This saying is really not related to flowers or roses. This is a message related to our life and how we are living. To slow down; remember what we have, who we have and cherish each and every moment. For yesterday is the past, today will be gone before we know it and tomorrow has yet to come. Truly a mere reminder that for each minute that we miss or take for granted is time lost in our life.

So take brief moment, grab a Cup of Joe or a Pepsi in my case and remember just a few things:

Spend as much time as possible with Family. With the everyday busy schedules, work, carpool, school activities, medical appointments, therapies, sporting events, play dates, you name it is on the calendar. Take a moment to add to the calendar time with the family. Date night with your spouse or significant other. Take a night for family movie night, take a day on the weekend to a drive somewhere, anywhere. Make plans for a family picnic if not at a park, a carpet picnic is a big hit. Make time just to be together. Remember never take family for granted. We hope we have all the time in the world to spend with our loved ones. As we know this is simply not true; therefore, make every moment count as you just do not know what the next day may bring let alone the next minute.

Make any Occasion Special. Birthdays, Holidays are dates we naturally celebrate but make any random day a special occasion. Celebrate and have fun with just family, your significant other or make it with friends. Throw a themed party, BBQ, potluck or organize a block party. Quickly organize a themed play date for the children just for fun. Remember smiles and laughter are contagious. Yes, the little things matter but don’t sweat the small stuff, there is a difference. Laugh a lot and Be Happy!

Use Post-It Notes or Cards. Most relationships have a courting period where cards, love notes and gifts are so common (just because notes). Sometimes every day. Then the courting period seems to stop or the notes do not happen as often. Start to make a habit to write on the mirror in the bathroom by saying something special to your children, write a note on your children lunch bag or leave a note in their lunch box, leave a post-it note for your spouse or significant other, just to say "I love you" on their dashboard or pillow. Mail a card to your spouse or significant other to their work just because. These are the little's things keeping family relationships going strong.

Breathe. Take a moment to stop to take a breath. Look at your accomplishments in life. Appreciate your faith, your spouse, your children and all that you do on a daily basis. However, you must also remember if you find yourself working late, taking on many volunteer jobs, way too much on the calendar, rushing around at work, in the house or where ever; this would be the moment to take a BREATH! Find the time to leave early from work, rearrange your schedule and take five minutes to laugh, play and/or read with the children or merely have a Pepsi or cup of coffee. Whatever the situation is nothing is more important than faith, yourself and family. In end we can lose everything in a split second but your faith and family will always be there.

Use your "Smeller". I say this to my children constantly. In blowing bubbles, when walking around our neighborhood, when at the park, when one of the little’s are having a meltdown or just because. Now anytime they see flowers, I see them crinkle their little noses and blow or sniff (depending on the age). I love it, they do not hold back. A great tool to get oxygen in their little bodies but truthfully I do it too. After a long day and just needing a couple of minutes of clarity. Use your smeller to really take a minute to stop and smell the flowers and the roses in your life because before you know it, they have wilted, turned brown, losing their leaves and you are putting them in your green recycled bin. 

Living a positive life gives you better quality to your life. Life is short! Reach out and grab it while you have it! Embrace all those little daily things! Take time to smell the roses. Don't rush through life. Live one day at a time. Stop worrying so much, it gets you nowhere. Accept what will be! Let go of all those things that weigh you down! Live, Love & Laugh. – Suzie Pierce GOD BLESS

Until Next Time…Make it A Great Day!

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