Monday, March 6, 2017

A Much Needed Moment - Mommy Time Out

The other day I posted a comment via social media, "Right now is a Moment I want To Scream but I am instead taking a quick Mommy Timeout away in the Laundry Room, this way I secretly can hear everything going on." Truthfully I was on the other side of the wall, I could hear everything my Little's were doing (as for the baby sleeping, the other three Little's where in full mode with their little minds of what could I get into, just minutes prior). At my moment of need "Mommy Time Out" I was able to get the three to play with My Ponies, A Dinosaur and A Baby while the new Disney flick played in the background. 

It was a day that had been building from what I could describe as a mid-west hurricane gone wild. From rice cereal being used as glue all over the family room and kitchen in less than a five minute span to washable paints used to create a conspired Little's Art Masterpiece all over the upstairs loft couch and carpet. Never mind all the daily grind of our this and that but it was the icing all over my cupcake.

I am sure you are reading the above words and saying something to the fact as I would be...were they not being watched? On the contrary, yes our children are watched constantly for these very reasons and many more but there are a few minutes here and there that it is not a lapse in judgement or that I just felt they did not need supervision. It is these few minutes (most often less than five) more often seconds (i.e. bathroom breaks, a telephone call which may require walking from a room to the next to get a pen and paper or just going upstairs or downstairs to get laundry, snacks, or whatever may be needed at the time) is where the chaos seems happen. 

So, I tend to do things when I have additional help in the house and when naps are in full effect but there are times when things are absolutely necessary and need to be completed. Hence why we have backwards doorknobs, additional locks and alarms on doors, gates on the stairs and where we think it is otherwise necessary but take a determined child and pretty much everything is not child or fool proof. 

I also keep a general rule when moods tend to be in full swing, I like to keep in line with the moon. As crazy as that sounds, the full moon makes emotions on high alert. Our full moon is coming (from this point about a week away) then add on my kiddos sensory auditory processing, autism, limited impulse control and them just being kids; in my books it was a perfect storm. As I said, our own mid-west hurricane gone wild! 

For that moment, I spent in the laundry with my umpteen Pepsi for the day (no candy at the time) I sat there and listened to them playing and asking one another where I was all the while asking their toys. One would say I was hiding, while the other one would say no mama lost. With no one in agreeance, expect me. I was lost for that moment. 

When I finally opened the door after a few minutes of laundry room silence, they were all standing there with their big eyes quickly turned into smiles, then without hesitation, the littlest one said Mommy you lost! I smiled back at all of them. I reiterated that I was not lost just needed a moment to do laundry. In that brief moment our life was back to our level of craziness, our roller coaster ride of ups and downs. My "Mommy Time Out" was just a blur to them but those few minutes to me was a bit of clarity. Truthfully, the few minutes was a refresh to keep moving forward. A mere reminder that sometimes stepping out or stepping back is just what is needed to keep all the wheels moving. GOD BLESS

"sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out. " Author Unknown - OR A LAUNDRY ROOM!

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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