Friday, May 30, 2014

Beep Beep

Really where does time is hard to believe that in almost 31 days there will be only a half the year left of 2014. As a true optimist seeing the glass half full, I find it interesting driving to the store yesterday where I turned at the light only to see the other drivers stopped, looking down at their phones not paying any attention to the light turning or the other cars surrounding them. Are we in such a hurry with texting, checking the Internet, to notice what we have? What is so important that waiting may not be an option?

Today while waiting at the stop light, my children and I were greeted by the sound of car horns. The two cars behind me both honked because I did not make the right hand turn not because I did not want to but because I could not. Both drivers had no patience to wait for the pedestrian crossing in the cross walk. If either one of the drivers bothered to pay attention to their surroundings maybe they would have thought twice before honking. After I did turn, the driver right behind me tried to pass several times as it appeared we were going to the same place, going around the gas station parking lot, only to be cut off by construction in place, at last we ended up in the McDonald's drive-thru together. Again, his car right behind mine. So in a nice gesture, I purchased his food and asked the McDonald's cashier to please let him know along with the message of “have a nice day." As we drove off watching, the driver got a huge smile on his face saying it all....really take a moment it is okay and yes, his smile made it all worth it. 

Every day we are given a do over from the day before to wake up, smile and make a positive impact in life. A choice to make a difference whether it is small or big, no one knows but the choices are endless on today and right now. Without knowing what tomorrow may bring, we can only imagine or hope that the plan the God has set-forth is working in our favor. Each day I become more humbled as I have always stood my ground on the principal of right and wrong, I have slowly learned over the years it is not always so cut and dry as I would like. Working with the Department of Social Services over the last 5 years, having several gifts (babies) come in and out of our home and our own babies (teenagers) life is a daily blessing along with a work in progress with no parent handbook. Learning by the choices that are made. Good or Bad!

My calling to be a parent, to foster children, to be a sister, to be a friend is to love unconditionally, to advocate when needed, to make choices and to make a difference as the impact will be weighed one way or the other. Helping someone without the expectation to be rewarded is the best gift of all. “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”  Proverbs 11:25 

I am blessed, my family is blessed in more ways than I can imagine. I am so thankful for the life that I live each day. Yes, my life is a roller coaster but it is my roller coaster along with my family. God does have a plan for ALL of us, the path that HE has chosen for you has been set in motion; it is up to you to define it. Life may be a roller coaster ride or it may be quiet ride but do not forget that things can change in a moment’s notice, it does not take much to smile to make someone’s day, read a book with your child, eat dinner at the table as a family. Remember the little things matter as without them the big things do not exist. God Bless.

Until next time....Make it a Great Day!