Friday, May 22, 2015

Ducklings sharing the Man Cave

Our little's are so excited to see their Daddy after he comes home from work, from smile's, hello's, big hugs and kisses...then their nightly ritual begins. After David has changed from his work clothes to his comfy clothes, he say's garage and the little's follow like little ducklings. Going to what I call his "man cave".

David has set up our garage as a place for him to relax, hang out, watch television, work out, listen to music..his area, his "man cave". However, his area, our garage has also become an area for our little's. Unknowing to him, he has made the little's a sensory gym too. 

Case in point, David has set up balls to hang from the ceiling for the little's. They hit them, they run into them, they push them, bite them, grab them...all sensory based.

The treadmill which is used for walking for adults has also become where the little's use the bar to hold on to, roll on, flip over on, you name it works...all sensory based.

The workout bench and weight bar used for lifting weights has become used for heavy work for the little's. It is amazing how long one little can hold on. The small weights used daily by being moved and stacked all over the garage floor..heavy work and sensory based.

Small tools to name a few..the drill without any vibrates...again it is sensory based.....a paint brush roller, our littles love to roll the garage floor and walls...heavy work. A broom, cut down to size. All sensory based.

The dog's water bowl, though it does not stay out on the floor the entire time, they do seem to always get their hands in it for some period. Water play which I believe most children love but with sensory issues water play is awesome and the water spilled on the floor does not go to waste either, their little hands get into that too.

Boxes we have in the garage are moved and pushed in the garage...heavy work.

As our garage is pretty organized, we do have items here and there...the little's love to climb over, sit on and lay on. With our little's having occupational therapy weekly along with their in home services sometimes thinking outside the box is the way to go. However, my husband does not even realize has  given our little's a sensory place, it makes it so much better. Kudos to my Hubby!

After researching, reading, listening and watching, there are so many activities that can be used for Sensory Auditory Processing Disorder. When I was at the first evaluation and assessments for all my little's I was given a paper that had a list of things to help with this disorder. At first I thought I needed to order certain toys, weights, foods, etc. I soon realized that I had many of the same items that the Occupational Therapist was using and suggested. I quickly started thinking outside the box. Honestly it is not about going to the learning store, grocery story or online store, you have many things in your own home, pantry and/or garage that works just as well.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Nelson Mandela GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make it A Great Day!

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