Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Exchange to a Brief Encounter

Today my moment of clarity came when I had a brief meeting with a fellow Facebook exchanger. Facebook is also great in keeping me busy with many purchases on exchange sites. Something that David is so not happy about. Better online than going to the mall I say. However, I usually do not encounter the person I am purchasing from, many of the times it is a porch pick up but today I met my fellow Facebook exchanger. The woman met me at a local grocery store parking lot. She greeted me with a stunning smile and a lively hello. Upon opening the back of her SUV, two very inquisitive children were turned around looking and asking about my purchase. I replied "hello and how are you" to both children and they immediately smiled and the questions kept coming. 

The woman and I began speaking about our children, her two lovely children more in detail then I dropped the bombshell of having seven children. She looked at me and surprisingly said "seven". I agreed, smiled but did not explain how, why or what then left to open the back of my SUV. Upon returning to retrieve my purchase we chatted more about our children, then I explained I have my own homegrown, the privileged of fostering and the blessing of adopting. She then immediately complemented me about my appearance of having seven kids but we both laughed because I said as much I as I would like to take credit for having seven children that would be something I cannot. Our conversation continued.

I truly believe GOD puts people in your path in life in many ways, sometimes forever, sometimes months, years, sometimes for a brief moment. Today, my fellow Facebook exchanger was put in my path for our brief encounter. Our conversation, though it may have lasted ten minutes if that, was a reaffirmation to why I foster. We spoke of the stigmata that fostering holds, discussed really what is more one child may not be that big of deal to one but may be to another, other topics in general and passing of loved ones. 

Upon finishing our brief conversation, I felt humbled which after a crazy day of services for the little's really felt at peace. We said our good-byes, nice meeting each other and  I said thank you for the purchase  Returning to the driver's seat of my SUV, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing; for that moment I knew my Mother was with me. She always use to say, Julie, children placed in your home have been placed there for a reason. Social Services could have placed them with any other home but they found their way to you and David. You will love them, keep them safe, support social services (good or bad) and do what any great Mother would do until the next window is opened in their life. Just like that my moment of clarity as well as my reminder that when a message so strong is needed; it will find its way to you always. Very thankful for those brief moments today!

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! - Albert Einstein GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make it A Great Day!

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