Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family Outing

It is not always easy getting my big little family ready to go out of the house. I usually start about two hours earlier than when we actually have to walk out the door. Sometimes this works and sometimes it does not as the little's may stay dressed, they may stay clean but for the most part we are good to go. I on the other hand seem to be the one rushing; pushing the envelope not to be late. I laugh and smirk now but I am the one getting the four little's bathed or showered, diapered, clothed, finding the matching shoe and diaper bag contained. Plus this does not include my big kids, iron this, iron that, does this look good, what shoe for that but in the thick of it, would not change it for anything. It is my world of craziness and love!

I remember when it was just David and I, going somewhere was get up and go. Spontaneous! Oh memories!!! Then our first baby came...a lot memories....we seemed to packed everything and anything, making it not so easy just to run to the grocery store. First time parents but we managed to go many places with a very packed Honda Accord. Then our second baby came along, packing became less and putting two babies in the car became somewhat easier than one baby. I think less stuff! By the time we had our third baby, going places was not so easy, him having Asperger’s gave us a little run for our money but we overcame, learned and we figured things out. Fast-forward many years later, many rides on our roller coaster, we have Seven. 

Definitely learned a lot over the years, made many mistakes, tried many many things. Now, it is not just get up and go, getting ready takes time. Sometimes going out means all, one or two. There is an occasion here and there, David and I have a date night, meaning no children. Date Night is important no matter how many children you have. You need to take a moment for you and your significant other. Keeps your relationship growing. 

However, if we are out with everyone, our brood is usually David, six kids and myself, ranging from teenagers to babies. People will look at us. Some ask if they are all ours, several times if I might add. David will pop a joke here and there but I always say with a smile, yes they are and very blessed by each one. I do find it interesting how people look when they start trying to calculate ages as well. I just smile. 

It may not be always be easy getting ready for an outing or keeping to a little's schedule when we are out and about. Probably guaranteed a meltdown or two. Always trying to keep structure or trying to re-direct in the weirdest places. It is what it is, special needs or not. Nevertheless, being together whether it is at Church, amusement park, Public Park, beach, family get together or recently the ballet. Just having the time to spend together, watching the smiles or looks on their faces, hearing the laughter and making memories is what family is all about.

We Love
We Share
We Play
We Laugh
We Fight
We Live

Until Next Time...Make it A Great Day!

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