Monday, August 1, 2016

Three Times a Charm, Well???

Is three times a charm, really? Well, let me say in a world of Autism I have to disagree. Yesterday, I was blessed with beautiful drawings by my little guy. Drawings he said were of triangles and circles. Yes, they were beautiful version as any drawings completed by any of my children would be.

Needless to say, upon him showing me the pictures he drew with such proud distinction, our walls showed something else. His pictures of art were displayed throughout the children's area of the hallway along with the wall of his sisters' room. His vision of triangles and circles, drawn to his perfection with a white board brown marker like he was the next Picasso. As I commented how great the drawings look though deep inside I wanted to yell (loudly might I add) with a bout of my inner voice of "you got to be kidding me" spewed out then to see the look on his face of how proud he was to have drawn his version of perfection. I just looked and was reminded that this has not been the first time this has happened and I am sure this will not be the last time. Thinking this is what cleaner and paint is for. As much as I try to keep markers, crayons, pencils and/or pens at bay, somehow one will find the way into a hand.

Then as I was trying to get to a meeting this morning, making sure all was taken care of before the caregiver arrived; in the mere few seconds to get something from upstairs to come back downstairs it happened. How fast one may climb when looking for whatever when they are on a mission. Maybe he was thinking the kitchen needed a makeover...the kitchen stove, counter and wall were splattered red. The red splatter was from a container made to flavor water. I know it is more fun to squirt things rather use in the proper manner. This is why the Clorox Company loves our household, I go through Lysol wipes like crazy, really by the dozen. Not only am I OCD about constantly cleaning the counter tops but truly I am always cleaning something.

Here is the charm of three, his goal to see how many rolls of toilet paper can be stacked in the toilet. For that reason I do not keep toilet paper in the bathroom, I keep it in one centralize area but my little guy loves to stack. Not surprised on this task or to find the brand new packs of toilet paper being used as building blocks. Yes, I missed an unopened pack which became stray from the pack (he took it and hid it). Thus, he decided he should see how rolls would go into the toilet by using them as building blocks all the while telling me he was going potty. Props to him. Multitasking!

With my inner voice speaking out loud along with my Little's wanting to be helpers during the cleanup sessions; I had to remember it is just another day here. Smiling as what wonders Huggies wipes will do for re-direction tactics as I with my Lysol wipes. These things happen when you have children, these things happen when you have toddlers and definitely these things happen when you have children with special needs. Things do happen in three's some great and some in brief moments of challenges. Whatever the case it is what it is, I reminded to tell my inner voice the same as I tell my children, "I can get happy in the same pants I can get mad in". It is a moment in time where I do wish I knew how their minds process these situations but as a mystery in itself for now I will just continue to cherish the makeshift Art Canvas, the new room makeovers or the new building blocks he thinks are necessary in his world. It is relevant to him and that is what matters! GOD BLESS

“I know of nobody who is purely autistic, or purely neurotypical. Even God has some autistic moments, which is why the planets spin.”  - Jerry Newport

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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