Friday, August 5, 2016

Reminisce In The Memories

We all have those memories from social media that pop up when you open up the app, good and not so good. Whatever the case these memories are flashbacks of our past allowing us to continue to move forward and remember. Yes, you are given the choice to re-share, post again, reminisce in the memory, seeing how things have transpired, seeing the growth of your little's or remembering a loved one who has moved on.

Today, my page reflected a memory from two years ago. Yes, two years ago, the day my mother was officially diagnosed with Cancer. My post was this.....

From that day, two years ago she fought for seven months and seventeen days to stay here in the world with all of us.

I post this as my Mother is part of the reason I am HERE! Without her I would not exist (and the other part my Father of course). She was and still is my Rock! I am unable to call her to talk, to vent, to hear the voice of reason when all the chaos of whatever is going on, so I write. I can still hear her tell me everything will be okay, just trust in HIM. She found the GOOD in everything no matter what and as hard as it is to not have her around physically; I know she is here in spirit. She is here in the Hummingbird that appears at our sliding glass window at the same time every day. As my children say, Grammy is here and she is!

So, today with the week of getting ready to go back to school, getting ready for summers end and the week full of therapy and appointments, today this memory was perfect. It was a clear reminder of why I am who I am, why I love my husband for who he is and why we have been blessed to be on this path with our children. I LOVE YOU MOM! GOD BLESS

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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