Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Timing of Life with Seasons to Change

Here it is already October, only seventy one more days until Christmas. It is hard not to think about it though Halloween is only seventeen days away but with every major retail store having both types of decorations for purchase; what are you to think? I am not sure if it is me or a vast majority of society but each year seems to go by quicker and quicker. Leading to my own countdown; this is the time of year where my reflecting truly hits home. November 19, thirty-five days away. A day held for celebration; a family anniversary, a friends birthday but for me a mere reminder that life can change in a moment.

This year will be eleven years that my life changed in a mere instant. Though it was not just my life, it was my family's life too. When it first happened I said GOD was knocking for me to make changes in my life as weird as that sounds. Yes, changed happened. My circumstances greatly changed my outlook of life, how I viewed things, who was in my life but when it is all said and done, I have been truly blessed disability and all. With life being like the seasons, I am currently trying to figure out what is more to my life. What season am I in? With that comes, remembrance of what I am not able do since the accident but then it is overshadowed by all the things I have accomplished living through a life alternating event. Nothing can beat it. Yes, the roller coaster of ups and downs, the good and bad. Interesting enough it seems that feeling I first felt of GOD knocking is back. Wake up there is more, be patient there is something coming. Well patience is not my strong suit. Is it anyone's? If it is yours I commend you!

Just in the last week, I was reminded by a message, the toll my accident had on my three older children. They were young when it first happened. Nobody wants their children to grow up faster than they have too but my children had no choice. Troopers beyond belief. Though it has made and shaped them into who they are today; living with a tragic situation day in and day out, adds pressure to anyone. These are the times I wish I could change everything but then where would we be today. The grass is not always greener, just another set of weeds which need to be mowed. Then I received life alternating medical news of a friend that put me at a crossroad of testing my faith. A place I have been before. As much as I feel heartache and sadness, I feel emptiness as I have no real words. The only words that keep coming to mind is "I am sorry" and who really wants to hear that...I did not when my accident happened. As I keep praying for guidance, there is just a sense of loss for all.

I know there is an answer and more to come. More by the way I know my mother is with me every day as she flies in the hummingbird that comes to the window every time we sit down for dinner. More knowing that GOD has the path already mapped out. More when I truly listen to my little's speak in their own made up language to one another. More when I get a "Mommy, I Love You" from my older children. For me, all I can say is embrace whatever is thrown your way, embrace your faith and make the best of it. Your best, not someone else's best, YOUR BEST! GOD BLESS!

"God has equipped you to handle difficult things. In fact, He has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside you. You just have to water those seeds with His Word to make them grow!" Joyce Meyer

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!


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