Saturday, October 22, 2016

Off to the Store for Just a "Couple of Things", Really?

When I was little a quick trip to the local store was never quick, despite my mother saying she only need a couple of things. As a family, we would sit in the car, not always patiently waiting, upon her return she would have many bags of groceries. Yes, the few items she rattled off needing would be in tow but along with many other items as well. During those times, even being little, I swore I never do that.

Now, many many years later, I find myself in the same situation with my own family. The store is a vital part of our weekly routine, sometimes daily routine. I smile when something we need comes up as all I can hear in my head is my mother saying the same exact thing - only a "couple of things". I really believe my mother only said those words "couple of things" just to pacify her kids and our time spent waiting in the car.

Now, my husband and older kids laugh at me when I say going to the store for a "couple of things" as they know it really is not the case. I am sure to browse the store. Especially if I am not going with the Little's. I admit I do take the time to check out new items, check the sales, look at different ideas in the home decorating department or just browse in general. It is a part of my quiet time ritual. My husband has his time when he gets home from work, I found different ways to take mine.

Bringing up as there was a time I came across an article pertaining to my local store applying for a license to serve wine at some of the locations....though I am not a big drinker, I found this to be interesting.  When I shop I will walk around with a Pepsi from the Cafe or my Venti 6 pump Mocha Frappuccino with an add shot from Starbucks but what or who is to say a glass of wine every now and again would not be great to browse the aisles. However, I have yet to see this happen at our local store so for now perfectly content with my drinking selections whether the shopping trip is 10:00am or 10:00pm. Creature of habit right here!!!

I do have to say browsing the aisle and not sticking to the "couple of things" statement does have its setbacks. Finding the in store coupons plastered all over the place mixed with the online specials, adding in the store applications and topping off with text messaging coupons does not help matters. Taking everything into account, I always think I am saving something when I happy to spend the amount listed to save the amount listed in return.

Nevertheless when I get to the checkout line, I never seem to meet the spent amount. Though I just took the last thirty minutes of my shopping trip ensuring I have met the total because I do not want to hold up the checkout line. Thus having done this once or twice in past already; there always seems to be an issue for something. Items that I chose to buy are not included or the item had another coupon tied to it so that item does not count. Therefore, being so close to the amount needed to receive the savings, I find myself purchasing more. Better yet to realize that in purchasing more of one size of diapers forgot another size of diapers that was so needed. Hence what happened this week; with our house always needing baby items. It was baby items on sale. Does not seem so bad, right? We go through diapers left and right but buying diapers in many sizes all at once always seem to get my shopping cart looks. Usually it is the Little's but several size diapers and many boxes does do trick too. 

No worries, even when someone did ask me upon leaving if all the diapers were for my house? Kindly responded, "while yes they are and to think it is only half of my family". I do not think she expected the answer I gave as she gasped and said "oh my"! Nothing surprises me much anymore. Whether my trip to the local store is for the so-called "couple of things" or it is our planned major shopping trip, I know that no matter what I do; I will always find more than what I originally planned for my "couple of things". Going with a shopping list or not, more power to the shoppers who stay on task. Even being as organized as I am the store is a bit of a downfall but in a good way. 
Loving Retail Therapy in a Weird Way! 

Until Next Time...Make It A Great Day!

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