Monday, August 3, 2015

A Fork in The Road

It has been a litte over two months since I posted. Though it has not been without good cause or because I truly did not have anything to say. I simply have not posted because my heart nor my mind was not in place to have the words come together.

I believe life is like seasons or as I always say, riding a roller coaster. The ups, the downs, the twists and turns. Truly just been trying to navigate my Mother's passing while trying to navigate day to day stuff, family, friends and most important myself.

Honestly at the end of the day, whatever is not complete, it is not going to make or break me, right? Just so happens, it is another day starting again whether new things happen or picking up from where I left off from the day before. I can post many things that have happened in the last couple of months; the highs and the lows but it is not about the past; it is about today and what tomorrow may bring.

I can share with you one thing though, a gift that was bestowed upon me this past week...a dear friend gave me some very valuable information. She reminded me no matter what happens in my life all I needed to do was lay down everything to GOD and put my Faith in Him always! In those words I knew my Mother was somewhere there as she would always say in our conversations, lift it up to HIM and he will always be there for you...Words to so live by!

My daily life is still a roller coaster ride. Sometimes a slow ride, sometimes a fast ride but a ride I would not change for anything. Choices of Life, the path of the Unknown to ME but Known to HIM! GOD has given me this path, where sometimes he places a fork in the road and that is what makes it all WORTH IT!

Here is to today, tomorrow and whatever the next minute brings! Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.”  - Walt Whitman 

Until Next Time...Make a Great Day!

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