Thursday, January 29, 2015


Last Sunday Morning, the sun was shining along with a small breeze. Looking out my window taking in the beautiful scenery as I kept thinking about is what it is to be a Mother.

A Mother defined by Yahoo dictionary:

n. noun
1.      A woman who gives birth to a child.
2.      A woman whose egg unites with a sperm, producing an embryo.
3.      A woman who adopts a child.
adj. adjective
1.      Relating to or being a mother.
2.      Characteristic of a mother.
mother love.
3.      Being the source or origin.
the mother church.
v. verb
1.      To give birth to.
mothered three children.
2.      To be the source of; create or produce.
3.      To act as mother to, as in nourishing and protecting.

What is not defined the many aspects of mothering. Times you are the CFO, The Protector, The Taxi or Shuttle Driver, The Peacemaker, The Beauty/Fashion Consultant, The Cook, The Doctor, The Listener, Etc, Etc. How do we do it all, I believe you either have it or you do not; that instinct deep in your stomach when something is not right or that needy feeling? Instincts that never go away. The sure will to do whatever it takes to make sure ALL your children and your household is always moving forward and SAFE!

I know there are times that the decision I have made is not right, YES we ALL make mistakes but learning from then is how we keep going. My heart is heavy as I have been questioning my ability to Mother! Having 7 children, a husband and many many appointments and activities, I hear all the time, HOW DO YOU DO IT? There are days that I look back and say, how I was able to get through all of it, then there are days that I feel are a breeze. Mothering a gift and blessing, whether your children are biological, fostered or adopted, the feeling to care for another and to have the instinct to protect is a feeling beyond belief. To EVERY Mother, GOD BLESS you and all that you do. 2 Kings 4:30 But the child's mother said, "As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you." So he got up and followed her. 

As there is no parent handbook and mistakes are bound to happen, life can be a roller coaster but BELIEVE that everything you do is a blessing and a gift in one form or another. Though at times we may not understand the actions of our teenagers, our child/toddler or why the baby is crying, somehow the answer always comes. Sometimes later than sooner, but it always comes. Pats on the back, a thank you or the brownie button are not always in the cards but knowing that you are doing everything in your power that makes it worth everything. I know as a Mother, I still learn every day and when I stop learning is the day I am not breathing in this world.

Remember to take minute by minute or day to day, breathe, have a date night or girl’s night out, take a bubble bath or just a minute for yourselves...GOD knows we all deserve it. GOD BLESS

Until next time...Make it a Great Day!

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